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Today is The Day

It seems like only yesterday that I was only a twinkle in the back of her brain and today the Eagle Scout for whom I am an Eagle project will be putting in the finished buildings today! We got this picture of the almost finished (all but the doors) library boxes about a week ago…

We have a charter!

Many thanks to Mary’s mom for buying us our charter. It came in yesterday’s mail and it is sitting on Mary’s desk waiting for the boxes I was gifted to be finished in a boy scout’s Eagle project. Mary added the library to the map on and we should be showing up there soon.…

A Quiet Idea One Week Later

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning and it’s hard to believe that in just one week I have gone from a niggling thought at the back of Mary’s mind to a reality. I now stand as a Little Free Library. We have gotten a few preliminary donations to have books for adults and kids to come…

It Feels Great To Be Alive

Good Saturday Morning. It is Saturday (obviously) July 25, 2020 and today I am officially alive(ish). For now I am living in a discarded newspaper stand that has been painted purple and put into my home. I don’t have many books yet. I’m hoping to get some more added over the next few days and…

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Good morning It is a grand day for being alive (or inanimate, whichever you prefer). I am the Little Free Library of Hunting Meadows, and today marks my official birth day. My story, so far, is a short one. I began with a concept. Nothing big. Rather, I was a twinkle at the back of…

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