We have a charter!

Many thanks to Mary’s mom for buying us our charter. It came in yesterday’s mail and it is sitting on Mary’s desk waiting for the boxes I was gifted to be finished in a boy scout’s Eagle project. Mary added the library to the map on littlefreelibrary.org and we should be showing up there soon.Continue reading “We have a charter!”

A Quiet Idea One Week Later

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning and it’s hard to believe that in just one week I have gone from a niggling thought at the back of Mary’s mind to a reality. I now stand as a Little Free Library. We have gotten a few preliminary donations to have books for adults and kids to comeContinue reading “A Quiet Idea One Week Later”

It Feels Great To Be Alive

Good Saturday Morning. It is Saturday (obviously) July 25, 2020 and today I am officially alive(ish). For now I am living in a discarded newspaper stand that has been painted purple and put into my home. I don’t have many books yet. I’m hoping to get some more added over the next few days andContinue reading “It Feels Great To Be Alive”

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