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It Feels Great To Be Alive

Good Saturday Morning. It is Saturday (obviously) July 25, 2020 and today I am officially alive(ish). For now I am living in a discarded newspaper stand that has been painted purple and put into my home. I don’t have many books yet. I’m hoping to get some more added over the next few days and weeks.

Like I said, I don’t have many books yet… but everyone has to start somewhere and people seem to be legitimately excited that I am here. Mary has been shedding a lot of happy tears the last few days because of all the love and support that I seem to be getting. I don’t know if the tears are good (because she is finding herself again) or bad (because I know she was so lost for quite a while) but I think she has found in me a friend who can help her through whatever it is that comes our way.

We are new at this, so keep in mind that we need to be patient and gentle with each other until we find our way, but we have a start.

Soon Mary will be able to get us registered with Little Free Library and get us officially on the map. She planned on this taking a bit longer than it has and she really hadn’t gotten to where she wanted to be before we actually got this far. When she gets us registered, we will have a number and a sign and we will be all official and everything and I’m so excited for the future.

“Real strength has to do with helping others.” ~Mister Rogers


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